A War of Our Own, a LARP Based on This War of Mine

February 3, 2018 in Temple, Texas. Tickets on sale soon.

In war, not everyone is a soldier. In A War of Our Own, you are not a fighter. You are not a soldier. You are one of the civilians caught in the middle. You will try to survive, or maybe even escape. You will face constant danger, and need to focus on getting what you need to get through the next day.

A War of Our Own is a one-shot immersive live action event about survival, with proceeds going to benefit war refugee children.

In 2014, the ground-breaking video game This War of Mine was published by 11 bit studios. It stunned players with its harsh depiction of the civilian experience of war. Now, with their cooperation, Jackalope Live Action Studios will be creating a Live Action Role-Playing (LARP) experience inspired by the award-winning game, A War of Our Own.

Set in a fictional country torn by civil war, players will experience a small taste of the desperation of trying to survive in a war zone. The event is written with veterans of the NATO intervention in Bosnia and Herzegovina; and the Iraq War; and in collaboration of refugee advocates throughout the world.  It will not be a power gamer experience, but one that tries to bring the harsh reality of war’s consequences to the player.

Jackalope Studios is partnering with Temple Airsoft to provide real military vehicles and full-size war-ravaged town for the event.

2018 Events Calendar

Jackalope Live Action Studios is pleased to announce our upcoming events for next year.


February 2018

February 3rd, 2018 – Temple, TX

A War of Our Own – A Live Action Event
Immersive Charity Live Action Event

A War of Our Own is a one-shot immersive live action role-playing event about life in a war zone, with proceeds going to benefit war refugee children. We are proud to be sponsored and supported by 11-bit Studios, creators of the award-winning game This War of Mine.

Expected Ticket Price: $35 + suggested donation

You can learn more at: http://www.awarofourown.com

May 2018

Date TBA – Houston, TX

The Downside – A Street Cyberpunk Story
Immersive Blockbuster Cyberpunk Event

The understreets of the city bustle with activity. The Downside is a place everyone knows about, nobody talks about but everyone goes to just once. Street vendors mingle with drug dealers. Mobsters mix with party freaks. And everything goes.

The Downside is a cyberpunk street epic where you spend a night dealing and surviving in a neon-bathed dystopian black market and crime district. The game site will be a defunct shopping mall rented and remade to create an incredible cyberpunk environment.

Expected Ticket Price: $128 and up

Fall 2018

The following events do not have firm dates, but are planned for this coming fall.

The Night In Question
A Texas Splatterpunk Horror LARP

Will you survive the Night in Question? More details to come.

The Unwanted, Part 2
A Lovecraftian LARP of Outcasts and Outsiders

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